Napoli in Bocca

We are massive fans of any sort of delivery over here at Snack Beast HQ.

On the menu tonight (via UberEATS delivered to 2204) was pizza and pasta from Napoli in Bocca.

16991024_10158377194590271_885654890_oWasn’t too crazy price wise for the quality of food i received.

The food arrived piping hot, so much so that i almost burned my mouth on the fresh gnocchi. Good sign.

The Pizza Aglio (oil and garlic) was crunchy with the perfect base. Not too thin and the crust was that chewy goodness that you would expect from a wood-fired pizza.

The marg had the same base but with tomato and mozzarella, not like the chunks of buffalo mozzarella that are on some pizzas but just covered with the good good stuff. It was delicious (can also tell ya right now that it is delicious cold the next day).

I have to say, if you are trying to satisfy some hectic wood-fired pizza cravings in the Inner West. This is definitely the place for you.

You could tell that the pasta was freshly made. It was all soft and tasty, just like gnocchi should be. The sauce however, left something to be desired for. It was missing some parmesan or something, i’m not really sure. I definitely think it is better to have the pasta in the restaurant (which i have also done).

So for delivery, pizza is a yes yes yes!! Leave the pasta for another time.

P.s my UberEATS code is eats-ttdnh if you want to help me out on my eating adventure with a $10 vouchy.


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